Tasting Opportunity:

When visiting our store, ask a staff member about our preferred customers tasting opportunity. If it's open, then you can taste it!

Featured Sale Items

  • Schwartzhog Krauter Liqueur Sale price: $19.77

  • Southern Comfort 1.75 Sale Price $23.97

  • Kinky Liqueur 750ml Original price: $17.99, Sale price: $15.97

Newest Arrivals:

  • Ron Burgundy Scotch
  • Norseman Vodka (Made In Minnesota)
  • Aviv 613 Vodka

    • Panther Distillery Minnesota 14 Whiskey

    • Rod & Rifle Whiskey

    • James Oliver Rye Whiskey

    • Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey

Featured Specials

  • HOPHEAD VODKA  $26.97 750ml

  • Wolfhound Irish Whiskey $14.97 750ml

  • Little Black Dress Vodka $15.97 LTR

Current Staff Favorites:

Laproigh 10 year
- smoky, peaty and better yet, come in for a taste.

Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey
- made by Rogue Brewery.  Aged for a month in oak barrels.  One of our favorites here.

Jim Beam Red Stag
- a must for those that like a black cherry infused whiskey.  Drink right on the rocks.

4 Oranges Vodka
- has the sweetness of oranges (like a Florida orange).  Another one for on the rocks.

Red Bull
- Add regular or sugar free to any non-flavored vodka, and keep the party going.

Requests? Give us a call or email. We’ll try our best to get any spirit you need.

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